700 Dollar Payday Loans


What is a $700 Loan?

A 700-dollar loan is a short-term loan that can be taken to pay your unexpected or emergency expenses, including car repairs, medical bills, utility bills, etc. While providing cash in your time of need, these loans have a flexible repayment term, around 14-30 days.

What are the Best Options Available for a $700 Loan?

Some ways to borrow a 700-dollar loan are:

  • Borrow from Your Friends/Relatives

    Without having to worry about high-interest rates or paying back the amount in a given time, you can borrow money from your friends or relatives anytime. Nevertheless, you cannot repeat this often.
  • Personal Loans

    Traditional banks and online lenders can offer personal loans with monthly repayments. However, it is subject to a credit check, so you cannot qualify for it with poor credit.
  • Advance from Your Salary

    You can ask your employer for an advance from your paycheck. However, not every company has this policy, and not often can you ask them.
  • Vehicle Title Loans

    You can borrow $700 with a vehicle title loan, but you must keep your car as collateral.
  • Peer-to-Peer Lending Sites

    You can borrow money from peer-to-peer lending sites, but you may have to pay high-interest rates.
  • Credit Card

    You can use your credit card to make payments, but the interest rates can be high. Also, if you don’t pay off the balance monthly, interest rates can add up while affecting your credit score.
  • Pawnshop Loan

    It demands some of your items (equivalent to what you borrow) as collateral. Though you can provide collateral, the interest rate can be over 200%.
Payday Loans Work

Payday Loans – The Best Yet Feasible Option to Get $700 Almost Instantly

While the above-mentioned options may or may not work, payday loans work for everyone who needs cash immediately. You don’t have to worry about credit checks or hidden fees with these loans. Whenever you need cash, you can apply for payday loans online and get the funds deposited into your bank account in just one business day.

Why are Payday Loans the Best Option to Borrow 700 Dollars?

Here are the key reasons why one should consider payday loans over other options:

  • Easy Access to Cash

    Unlike other loans having a tedious/lengthy process, a payday loan takes only one business day to receive cash.
  • Apply Online from Your Home

    These loans can be applied online (from the comfort of your home) instead of having to drive to lending institutions/banks.
  • Fewer Requirements

    These loans have simple and fewer criteria like income status, bank account, citizenship status, etc., so one can easily qualify for them.
  • No Faxing and Security Required

    Payday lenders won’t ask you to fax any documents; just submitting the online payday loan application form is enough. Also, they don’t require any security or collateral.
700 Dollar Cash Advance Loans

How Do 700 Dollar Cash Advance Loans Work?

A short-term cash advance with bad credit can be processed in just three steps:

  • Submit the online application form with all your details.
  • If approved, you will be connected with your lender.
  • The funds will be deposited the next business day.

Eligibility Criteria for a $700 Dollar with No Hard Credit Check

To qualify for a cash advance loan, you must:

  • Be 18 years old
  • Be a US citizen
  • Have a stable income, active bank account, and valid ID card
  • Provide valid contact details (phone number and email)

I Need a $700 Loan Now - Why Choose LoansinaDay for It?

At LoansinaDay, we provide 700-dollar payday loans with a simple and quick process. You just have to fill in your personal details and the amount of the loan in the online payday loan application form, submit it and wait for us to process your loan. The funds will be transferred to your account the next business day after final approval from you and your lender.

Highlights of Our Payday Loan Services:

  • Always connect you with a trusted and licensed lender
  • No hidden/extra fees
  • Fully secure process
  • High approval rates


Yes, payday lenders don’t run a credit check.

Apply for the payday loan online before noon to possibly get the amount on the same day. Some lenders won’t process funds on the same day, so ask your lender about it.

LoansinaDay is a credible payday loan referral service for getting short-term loans with bad credit checks.

Upon approval, it mostly takes one business day to get a cash advance.

Along with your loan amount, you must pay the fees (around $15-$30 per $100) and interest (generally 36%, but it varies depending on lenders).