How to Protect Yourself Against Black Friday and Cyber Monday Shopping Scams

Nov 15, 2022

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With holidays coming up right around the corner, it's hard not to overlook those Black Friday deals you see especially on online websites. Then there are Cyber Monday deals to look out for too. However, these deals are not always money savers; sometimes, they can cost you a fortune.

In 2021, American shoppers spent nearly $8.9 billion on Black Friday and $10.7 billion on Cyber Monday. However, not all this money went into shopping alone. Some of it went to the scammers looking to make a quick buck, enticing unsuspecting people in the name of deals and discounts during the holiday season.

In fact, a shocking 25% of shoppers claim to have fallen victim to fraud over the holiday season, according to a survey. It is crucial for you to protect yourself from these scams and spend your hard-earned money wisely.

7 Best Tips to Protect Yourself from Black Friday & Cyber Monday Scams

These tips can help you protect yourself from Black Friday & Cyber Monday online shopping scams that you may encounter on the internet.

1. Stick to well-known Retailers

Sticking with well-known retailers can help you avoid non-delivery scams because you can be sure that your order will arrive. Some scammers create entire websites with significant Black Friday or Cyber Monday discounts to trick consumers into making larger purchases. No tracking information is provided after the purchase is made, and no delivery is ever made. With all of your money in tow, the seller appears to have disappeared. Before trying out any new online retailers, make sure to read reviews. Otherwise, it is best to stick with the tried-and-tested ones.

2. Pay with Cash or Credit Card?

The best way to prevent identity theft when making an offline purchase is to pay with cash. However, whether shopping online or offline, it's crucial to remember that using a credit card is always much safer than using a debit card. You should consider it a huge red flag sign if a website encourages you to purchase a gift card. Gift cards are a further method used by scammers to trick victims into parting with money. Whenever possible, use a credit card to make online purchases.

3. Avoid Making Impulsive Charitable Donations

Some Black Friday scammers use heartbreaking tales to persuade shoppers to donate a sizable sum to charity, which does not even benefit the cause you paid for. Charitable donations have grown in popularity as holiday gifts, and new websites are popping up every day with more disturbing stories to entice people to donate. Be on the lookout for such online scams. Before making any significant donations, make sure to research charities using tools that track and rate nonprofits. Of course, established charities like the Red Cross are good ones to donate to.

4. Be Wary of Phishing Links Disguised as Fake Orders or Delivery Issues

Scammers are skilled at sending emails with totally fake order details or messages claiming there are delivery problems that exactly mimic legitimate emails with authentic order details. A potential fraud could result from downloading any attachments or clicking on any links in the email. Keep track of the items you order and refrain from clicking on emails or links to orders you did not make because they are almost certainly scam emails.

5. Double Check the Retailer URLs Prior to Making Any Purchases

Scam involving fake websites has gained popularity recently. Scammers create websites that are identical clones of well-known retailers. Any purchases made, however, go to the con artist, and even your private information, like your address and credit card information, is compromised. Checking the website's URL will allow you to identify them. The spoof websites have nearly identical URLs, but with a minor typo or other spelling change. Before making any purchases, make sure to double-check the URL to see if you are on the correct website.

6. Be Wary of Pop-up Advertisements

You may encounter numerous pop-up ads promoting Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals while casually browsing the web. However, many of them might result in a scam. To prevent your data from being compromised or purchases being made on phony websites, it is best to only shop from retailers' websites and to avoid clicking on pop-up advertisements.

7. Avoid Public Wi-Fi and Check Your Account Statements

Security on public Wi-Fi is frequently poor. Avoid making any purchases while using a public Wi-Fi network because your data may be exposed. Generally speaking, a private Wi-Fi network or the cellular network on your phone is much more secure.

It's wise to also monitor your account statements regularly in case any unusual activity takes place. The sooner you discover a transaction that you did not make, the sooner you can report it and stop further fraudulent purchases. Checking your account statements on a regular basis can help you avoid identity theft, especially during the holidays when scammers are more active.

Final Words

Make the most of your holidays by grabbing authentic Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals and avoiding scams by keeping the above tips in mind. However, if you are still falling short of buying that handbag or those new pair of new shoes, consider Holiday Payday Loans as an alternative to avoid missing out on irresistible Black Friday deals.

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Content Source: CNBC, experianRETURNS

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