Safe and Budget-Friendly Trick-or-Treat Tips for Halloween

Oct 06, 2022

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Halloween can be an expensive holiday. It is also one of the most exciting times of the year for children (and many adults). Nearly 65% of Americans were celebrating it last year, which is almost as many as pre-pandemic. Americans also spent a record $10.6 billion on Halloween costumes, decorations, and parties last year, and it will be higher this year.

With the pandemic putting a dent in most bank accounts, you may be considering not decorating your house this year and trying to cut back on your spending as well. There are some ways to celebrate Halloween without giving up any of the fun and spending less money. Let’s take a look.

10 Tips for Celebrating Halloween on a Budget This Year

Save on Halloween Candy!

1. Clip and save candy coupons all year round

October being the busiest month for candy sales, there are coupons practically everywhere you look. Manufacturers’ coupons are easy to find online. You may even find them in your Sunday newspaper. Aisles of local stores may also have tear pads or coupons directly available for some products.

2. Purchase candy in bulk

By splitting the cost with friends, neighbors, or family, you can take advantage of good Halloween values. To receive a larger discount, ask a friend or neighbor with a club membership like Costco to purchase some bags of candy for you and split the cost.

3. Consider candy alternatives

You may find specials on small trinkets, toys, stickers, or even books! Consider giving those out instead of candy this year to stand out. Or make some treats but be aware many parents don’t want their children to get these… a few ruin it for the rest!

Save on Halloween Costumes

4. Avoid the ‘perfect’ outfit

You don't have to dress up exactly like your favorite character in order to have fun. Look around the house for items that you can work with and maybe even create a twist on the original look.

5. Consider shopping at thrift stores

If you can't find what you're looking for at home, shop at thrift or discount stores. You may find some items at your neighborhood thrift shop that are unique and really suit your character.

Go DIY for Halloween Decorations

6. Carve pumpkins yourself

Get a cool pumpkin carving kit and carve your own pumpkins to save money on ghoulish gourds. You can also turn this event into a carving party and invite your friends or family over. You can use free online, printable stencils. 

7. Decorate wine bottles and more

Wine bottles can be reused by thoroughly cleaning them, having the label peeled off with vinegar, and painting faces on them with permanent markers. Such simple DIY projects can be done without costing you a fortune.

Throw a Halloween Party on a Budget!

8. Halloween movie night

Host the fright night of the year by organizing a scary movie marathon with friends or family. Prepare finger foods, homemade snacks, and some treats to go with them. You can even theme the event or have a costume contest too!

Save up on Haunted Houses!

9. Look for discounts

Most haunted houses have a small fee, but look around; there are free houses in most cities that are sponsored by organizations.

10. Visit community haunts

Check your local newspapers or websites to see if your town has any events that include a few haunted attractions. In some places, public buildings are transformed into haunted houses.

Summing It Up!

Welcome every witch, superhero, and goblin who knocks on our door, and having the fright night of your life does not mean you need to blow our budget. Saving money on candies and Halloween parties does not have to be a big deal with the above tips.

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